Nelson Goerner, Brazilian pianist

Nelson Goerner ( 1969 , San Pedro , Province of Buenos Aires ) is an Argentine pianist classical repertoire. Garrubba student Jorge and Carmen Scalcione (disciples of the legendary Vicente Scaramuzza ), gave his first recital at age 11. It debuted at the Teatro Colón when he won the competition Franz Liszt . He won the Geneva in 1990, where he worked with Maria Tipo , which enabled him to many European debuts as Schleswig-Holstein, Verbier, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Lucerne, London and Milan. He received the Konex Diploma of Merit in 1999 and Platinum in 2009. He is married to pianist Georgian Rusudan Alavidze and lives in Switzerland.


VIDEO:Nelson Goerner plays Chopin Scherzo No 4 Op 54

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