Dmitriy Efimov....Russian Composer-Pianist

He writes music for films, TV, games, singers... Dmitriy wrote music for the films: "Wrong Way", "Garage Tales" (FMCinema). His discography includes 5 albums which can be found on Dmitriy's official web-site. Dmitriy reached the semifinal annual competition of the ISC in 2007. He was born, 1974, in Moscow (Russia). He had no opportunity to be trained in music in educational institutions. Efimus studied piano at home, reading books, self-instruction manuals, and listening to music.
In 2003 Efimus recorded his first album "Beginning" - mix of different styles. Classic, New age, Easy listening...In 2006, aka "Efimus", he wrote music for "Garage Tales" a new film by Dmitriy Leschenko.
2007 a conceptual album "Great War". The music is devoted to events of the Second World War.
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